Reach Out to Cam The Cuddler Today!

Hey Friends,

Cam here, with an update!  I’m thinking about you right now, and wish you would contact me.  You may email me at, or call my cell phone 503-440-1673.  I want to know about you, and why you’re interested in Professional Cuddling.  

I’ve been working in Touch Industry for more than four years.  It all started when I decided to go for it, and get Certified by the expert.  I contacted Samantha Hess at Cuddle Up To Me in Portland, Oregon and scheduled a time for a consultation and FREE HUG.  She is a wonderful instructor, and takes her job very seriously.  I worked with her in person at the studio for weeks, while completing my training sessions with friends and family.  After months and months or studying, and snuggling I became the 1st male to be Certified.  From there I worked at the themed retail shop, and conducted Out Bound appointments.  All of my experiences with Cuddlees have been touch positive, and healthy.  

Currently I’m working in the Pacific Northwest. #pnw  I travel around Oregon, and Washington State to meet with people just like you.  They are so brave to get a hold of me.  I know it’s a relatively new service, and not many people know much about Pro Cuddling.  However, I feel like I have the best, and most experience of any male out there.  Let me be of service to you.  You’re safe in my loving arms.  Please send me a message, or call me on the phone.  I’m happy to answer any of your questions.  Thanks so much for your support.

Big Bear Hugs,

Cameron McKirdy

Cameron McKirdy with Samantha Hess in Portland, Oregon