FAQS for Cam of CuddleLife

Question:  How did you get into professional cuddling?
Answer:  I was living in the woods alone while managing a campground, and I realized I needed more touch in my life.  So I introduced myself to people that are accepting and giving, and started cuddling my friends and family.  I loved snuggling so much, and people appreciated my touch, so I got further training and certification.  Now I have the experience to open up a business and help more people.

Question:  Cam do you cuddle guys too?
Answer:  Yes, I have cuddled men.  It’s common for bros to snuggle in many other countries.  Everyone goes through an initial free consultation, and if they pass that, it’s ON no matter who you are.

Question:  Where can we cuddle?
Answer:  We can cuddle at your place if you want to host, a hotel in any city, or in a public space such as a park or movie theater.

Question:  What does cuddling do?
Answer:  Cuddling can do so much! Being held by me will make you feel safe, appreciated, and worthy of touch. You get Oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone, and studies show that touch may decrease depression, stress, pain, and even fear! Oxytocin can increase intimacy, self esteem, weight loss, contentment, social bonding and more…

Question:  Who are your clients?
Answer:  I’d cuddle everyone if I could. My service is for people interested in a non-romantic relationship.  I’m LGBT friendly, but most clients have been women ranging in age and personality type.  People often have emotional issues to work though, or even physical pain to shed.  Cuddling can help cure so many problems, I hope more people are open to cuddling.  I’ve been told that my cuddling service is like a “massage for your soul.”  That’s the power of loving touch.

Question:  Why do people use your cuddling service?
Answer:  People use cuddling for different reasons.  Some aren’t getting enough touch, while others have trauma or disabilities.  They use the service heal, and open up.  It’s amazing how long a snuggle session will stick with you as a positive experience.  

Question:  What goes into a cuddle session with Cam The Cuddler?
Answer:  After the initial free consultation, I develop a cuddling flow (like yoga) based on your requests.  I discuss poses that may work, get a feel for the mood you’d like, and often find music to enjoy.  We can talk a lot,  or it can be more of a meditative time for reflection.  Plus, I’m open to playing video games, or watching a movie while holding you in my arms.  Each session is created just for you, and can change as you wish.

Question:  What’s your background?  What about you Cam?
Answer:  I’m an Artist and a free spirit.  I’m here to love myself, and others unconditionally.  I want to create an environment of support, both emotionally and physically.  I care.

Question:  What are the rules?
Answer:  There is no kissing, and no touching where a swimsuit would be.  I ask cuddlees to maintain proper hygiene and limit cologne and perfume, shower and brush their teeth prior to a session, and you must be sober at the time. Payment is taken up front and we reserve the right to cancel a cuddling session at any time if your actions are interpreted as sexual or inappropriate.  I want to create healty relationships, and not dependency.  I do not provide a dating service.  Cuddlees are my chosen family.  You must agree to a waiver to be a client, sign a body map, and complete a questionnaire.  There’s more we go over in person or can on Skype @ professionalcuddler

Question: How much does your touch service cost?
Answer: I charge $1 per minute, and $40 per hour for traveling. Overnight sessions are $575 for an hour of cuddling at night and an hour in the morning, plus you get to sleep next to me for around eight hours!  However, I’m open to trades, and working on a sliding scale if you have financial issues.  I want to hug you if you need some care, so contact me any let’s plan a cuddle.

Question: How did you get Certified?
Answer: I reached out to the super-famous Samantha Hess (as seen on America’s Got Talent) at Cuddle Up To Me on E. Burnside in Portland, OR.  Then I worked on my own in Oregon, providing 15 free sessions for my friends and family.  It took more than four months at the studio to learn her system, and develop my own skills.  Contact Sam to become a Certified Cuddler, or to work for her.  It was an extensive training program, but fun too.  Getting certified was a rewarding process that helped me embrace myself and others with compassion, and understanding.

Question: How can I Contact Cam The Cuddler?
Answer:  email camthecuddler@gmail.com or use the Contact Page