Meet Cameron McKirdy:

Professional Cuddler, Outdoor Enthusiast, Grounded and Caring

– 6′ tall, 200 pounds, 30’s, athletic and strong body type
– Recently spent a year solo on a walkabout through the forests and hot springs of the Pacific Northwest #pnw
– Trained in the Art of Survival, and backpacking
– Kind and gentle soul with an open ear, and an embrace that will melt your troubles away

You’ll feel appreciated in his loving arms. He is funny, and sensitive. Our cuddling session will satisfy your need to be held…

* Ask Cam about playing video games together, watching a movie, or doing a hobby like knitting while cuddling!

4 thoughts on “About Cam

  1. My wife is thinking about becoming a certified cuddler. We live in ohio where, as far as I can tell, there are no other cuddlers. How have you found the experience? Is it safe? Does it take any kind of emotional toll? Is the money worth it? I realize you don’t know us, but I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you and be well.


    1. Thanks for reading my blog, and leaving a comment. I am the first male to get certified by Sam Hess in person. First, you both should pay a Pro for a session. Maybe have her try both a male, and female if possible. There are also cuddle parties out there, or you can host one if that sounds useful. Read books that are out there, and practice poses with friends. I don’t recommend others do this work honestly. It isn’t steady income. Certification would also cost ya, both time and money. I had lots of spare time, and was able to travel often. My training was free, because I worked in a studio for 3 years under contract. Plus, you have to take many precautions to stay safe. Such as telling somewhere where you will be hosting a session, and letting them know you are safe after. Many clients will end up wanting to be friends, for a free snuggle. You have to value your time. It was difficult. I had to take excellent care of myself to be able to perform. You have to bring good energy, and be clean. It was a challenge to not be to caffeinated, and showered right before a meeting. With The World being so paranoid about Coronavirus, I don’t know how the cuddling industry will look after this passes. People could be asymptomatic and risk getting you sick. I’m currently not providing platonic touch to strangers. I’m working on my http://www.survivalbros.com Blog to help people prepare.


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